Making a Splash Product Catalog 2012

After 13 years of producing catalogs for Storm we pretty much have it down to a science, but coming up with a visually stunning piece still presents its own unique challenges. Every year is a calculated logistical effort that demands attention to detail and challenges our team to push the limits. All-in-all it's a pretty tall order, but we were successful in conveying Storm's distinctive style and cutting-edge products they are so widely recognized for.

Backstage Access

Form and Function

Our designers pitched concept "wireframe" sketches and Storm liked the idea of an organic splashing effect that contrasted with solid bowling balls. Next, 3D modeling and particle generation were used to give the piece dimension, depth, perspective and motion. Finally, we "sweetened" the 3D images in post-production with color, lighting effects and detail to capture the feel of chaotic splashing motion and realism. All this, just to establish the catalog base theme.
Fine Tune

In the photo studio, our team inventoried, stylized, staged and shot over 60 items. We're talkin' bowling bags, apparel, shoes, accessories, tools, and everything in between. Each product had to be categorized and laid out in detail on each page spread. It's like a complicated puzzle where our team's expertise is to make sense out of and organize each piece.

Bag Photo


Simply put, a catalog represents a collection of products that are grouped into categories. But the defining factor between a good catalog and a great catalog starts with the talent of our creative team and ends with a client who is ballsy enough to go forward with some of our outlandish ideas. The catalog is a cornerstone of Storm's marketing and has to stand out amongst heavy competition while maintaining brand and product impact throughout the year. Fine Tune