Since the introduction of PivLock V2 sunglasses, they have been distinguished as the premier performance eyewear for triathletes and outdoor enthusiasts. The true innovation of the PivLock V2 is its three interchangeable lenses, rotating and locking temple pieces, and adjustable nose-piece. Smith Optics was searching for ways to better show the functional genius of the PivLock V2 in a more dynamic way than your traditional "roll-over and zoom-in" on static images. Our answer was two fold; first, to produce a CGI animation for in-store POP multi-media presentations and second, to create an immersive interactive 3D edutainment experience on the Smith Optics website.

Backstage Access

A Clear Vision

Partnering with the Smith Optics Engineering and was paramount as it was apparent that remodeling the glasses in 3D was out of the cost range. We utilized their SolidWorks 3D models that are used to create the tooling from which the actual PivLock V2 sunglasses are manufactured. Converting this to a viable format, creating bump maps, clearing geometry, adjusting color hues, lighting and specular levels were just a few obstacles our CGI team faced before we could even begin animate or move to the interactive stages. Smith 3D Glasses

Shady Business

The AFX Creative team created a storyboard where the viewer is scaled to a miniature perspective and then flies through to each feature and view their unique functionality in closer detail. This was the basis from which the CGI team produced and rendered the animation which then moved to the Creative team for post-production. Enter the AFX Programming team whose responsibility was to marry each animated feature to the 3D interactive functionality. The result increases product brand retention by giving Smith's customers a real-time view of the PivLock V2 Sunglasses from any angle with enhanced focus on the adjustable nose piece and lens interchangeability. Pivlock