Board of Education Subzero 3D Interactive

As one of the largest manufacturers and innovators of snowboard technology, Nitro Snowboards sought to engage their audience in a web environment that reflected their passion for ground-breaking technology. Nitro's on-going challenge, however, was how to visually demonstrate the unique camber of their SubZero snowboard and cutting edge core technology that riders have come to expect. AFX approached this challenge with the concept of utilizing 3D interactivity to realize their vision and to provide an experience for users that was both immersive and educational. Nitro's customers can now view the famed snowboard and its unique performance technology in high detail from any angle.

Backstage Access

The Guts

Understanding how the SubZero is constructed was essential to telling the story. Everything from composite materials, shapes, camber profiles, edges and graphics are what makes each part the whole. Unfortunately, we did not have a physical SubZero snowboard to work with and so our VFX team had to deconstruct it by referencing schematic drawings in order to create detailed 3D models of each internal component.

The Glory

The AFX Programming team took over and moved to the most crucial and challenging phase of the project. Following a detailed storyboard, the goal was to show each technical feature of the board, but more importantly to give the user an organic experience as the camera transitioned from one feature to another. Our team met this challenge by not only programming the functionality of the SubZeros individual features, but went hardcore by building a "tweening engine" to achieve smooth and seamless transitions from any arbitrary camera angle to any technical feature.

The Launch

The end result is an immersive experience that gives users the most realistic review of the SubZero snowboard and its innovative structural components. It's the closest thing, to the real thing!