Comedic Epidemic Mutant Fingers

Following the massive success of the Cell bowling ball, Roto Grip hoped to ride its coat tails with the upcoming release of the Mutant Cell. Our challenge was to come up with something completely different and to separate the Mutant Cell from the original Cell. Throwing in some comedic theatrics and involving some crazy Roto Grip fans, we were able to pull off a memorable, fun and viral campaign.

Backstage Access

The Outbreak

The pre-release began with a series of print advertisements where our designers created individuals whose hands had mysteriously and grotesquely "mutated" after bowling with the Mutant Cell. The message was simple: bowlers giving testimonies praising the Mutant Cell for their improved scores, but the ironic twist was each testimony ended in a cry of injustice about the dreaded side effects. Each ad prompted the viewer to voice their concern about this public outrage at

Taking the irony even further, we created a pseudo consumer advocacy group known as P.E.T.F. (People for the Ethical Treatment of Fingers) which was home to Our programming team created a fun page where entrants could enter a contest by creating then uploading images of their own personal hand mutations! The incentive was that the contest winner would receive the first Mutant Cell ball hot off the line and also be the star of the Mutant Cell release campaign.

Mutant Fingers Player Contest

The "Un" Lucky Winner

The winner of the contest was flown to our headquarters in Tacoma, Washington, where he was taken to our photo studio and given the VIP mistreatment! We were fortunate to have such an adventurous fan, because we subjected the poor guy through a battery of uncomfortable positions, crazy facial expressions and freaky hand gestures. We all had a blast and his experience was a strategic part of the client-customer relationship that Roto Grip is founded upon.

Squeezing The Love

Once the best shot was chosen, our VFX team began staging the angles and position of the octopus-like tentacles in relation to the subject's hand and head position. The team used a myriad of 3D software programs to create the most natural, or in this case, unnatural position of the tentacles as they wrapped around the neck of our subject. Each pass in the process involved more detail, lighting and textures to match the lighting of the shot to create an amazing sense of realism. Our design team gave it the final touch by seamlessly blending the 3D tentacles to the subjects hand making the unbelievable believable!

Post-Production Retouching of Tentacle Hand