All Hands On Deck Madrid 3D Interactive

Jerry Madrid began his legendary career shaping surfboards in his parents' garage in Norwalk, California. However, when the waves weren't stellar, Jerry would ride the Cali streets on his skateboard. This pastime would eventually marry Jerry's passion for shaping with his love of skateboarding, creating one of the world's leading deck manufacturers, Madrid Pro Designs. Each board being hand-shaped would prove to be a challenge to demonstrate with still photography, and traditional video wouldn't capture the dynamic processes which have become the trademark of Madrid. Our answer to their conundrum was the use of 3D interactivity, which offers customers a highly detailed look, at any angle, of the exotic wood, graphics, and unique shape craftsmanship of each Madrid deck.

Backstage Access


Goin' Old School

The goal was to be as accurate as possible to showcase the subtle nuances of each deck contour and shape. Our initial thought was to use 3D scanning technology, which would give us the highest degree of detail, but this quickly proved to be cost prohibitive. Although we are always looking for the most space-age way of getting something done, we aren't afraid of goin' old school and getting our hands dirty. Using CNC outline drawings and taking a page from Jerry's book, our team painstakingly measured details and dimensions of each deck by hand to create accurate 3D models from scratch.

Riding into the Sunset

From the special drop-thru knock outs to the "W" shaped concaves, exotic woods and laminate finishes, each deck is an amazing 3D representation of the craftsmanship that has made Madrid Pro Designs the icon they are today. Users can see each deck in full 3D glory whenever they want, twenty-four-seven, three-sixty-five!