One Small Step Domination Teaser

The Paradigm Domination was the highly anticipated follow-up to the Paradigm trilogy series of performance bowling balls. With all the buzz in the industry, our approach was to build anticipation about the Domination several months before it was to be released to the public. Taking a cue from the motion picture industry, we brought up the idea of a teaser trailer to heighten the anticipation.

Backstage Access


Forming the Concept

As concepts began floating around in our heads, Storm was adamant about us coming up with something epic and out of this world. Hmmmm? "World," we thought... that's a good idea! The underlying theme was to connect with bowlers on an emotional level by tapping into their desire to not only win, but to dominate their world.

One Giant Leap

Our team got to work on storyboarding the idea of a rogue satellite in space that was monitoring the stormy events happening on planet earth with an unexpected dramatic ending. Our VFX team modeled the satellite and used live action footage along with 3D models of the ball's core to create a visually chaotic feel and effect. For the ending scene, our team shot an actor grabbing a light source and then roto scoped it into the 3D scene in post production. The result was a teaser that rivaled big budget movie trailers and catapulted sales of the Paradigm Domination to record highs.

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