a little about our hare'itage

The March of AFX Progress

What started off as a chance encounter in 1999 has slowly evolved into the thriving cauldron of awesomeness that today we call AFX. As a rag-tag team of designers, programmers, and maestros, we are stupidly passionate about what we do and usually dig who we do it for. So... what exactly do we do? We do what you need us to do and we do it well. Our bag o' tricks includes 3D motion graphics, apps, software, websites, mobile sites, printed collaterals, packaging, and any futuristic trend-setting stuff that shouts to your competition that they are losing the battle against you. Challenge us, we dare ya!

Here are the Things We Do Best! We don't just make green, we eat it too.

  1. Movie Posters, Tradeshow Booths, Photography

    Digital Art

    • Advertising
    • Retouching
    • Illustration
  2. Mobile Applications, Software Design, Web Design, GUI, Graphic User Interface Design


    • Mobile Apps
    • Website
    • UI/UX Design
  3. Brand Standards Logo Design, Style Guides, Apparel Tee-Shirt Design


    • Branding
    • Promotional Material
    • Packaging
  4. 3d Animation, Video Special Effects, Non-Linear Video Editing, Computer Generated Imagery


    • VFX Motion
    • Post Production
    • CGI/3D
Wanna Join The Hutch?
Contract Web System Developer 05/21/2013
Do you want to create something big? Can you develop a public-facing system from the ground up? We are looking to contract you to develop this system. The system will have user accounts, reports to fill out, data saving/submission, and a running history of past data. You must have the ability to modify/build web services on a remote system. These web services will retrieve and modify data for the new system to be developed. If you have the vision and the drive to see this project all the way through, then we want you now! When you complete the contract, there may be potential for a full-time position. Impress us!

Send a resume with cover letter to hookup@afxcreates.com